I love cooking at home, but I also love dining out at restaurants, ranging from the classy to quick and easy. I have picked various restaurants from the local areas of Bury St. Edmunds, Cambridge, and Newmarket. Don't be afraid to go out and try new things!

Just be very polite and patient when asking the restaurant serving staff what ingrediants are in the dishes you wish to order. You will learn common questions to ask. Such as: "do the mashed potatoes have cheese or milk in them?" or "Is the bread made with eggs or milk?" or "Can I substitute chicken for tofu?" Get comfortable asking questions about food. Remember, your body is your temple and no one can make you feel bad about wanting to keep it clean according to your standards. You have every right to control what goes in your mouth.

Bury St Edmunds

Edmundo Lounge -

In the heart of Bury you'll find this very cute pub with rustic charm that has a full vegan menu. Items like: sweet potato waffles, vegan burgers, and power bowls.

Edmundo Lounge
Photo originally posted by Edmundo Lounge on Google here.

Wagamana -

Wagamama is a chain restaurant that is inspired by Japanese ramen bars serving quality asian food. Last month, they released a new vegan menu!

Carluccio's -

A classic Italian restaurant with plenty of vegan options. They are now hosting a vegan popup restaurant in Covent Garden as well!


Stem + Glory -

This is a fully vegan restaurant with high culinary standards. You'll find it adjacent to the famous Jesus Green. They are opening a second location in Cambridge later this year!

Stem + Glory
Photo originally posted by Alastair Hilton on Google here.

Novi -

A modern restaurant on Regent Street with 4 floors of event space and cocktail bars. Many vegan options on the menu like: kale and sweet potato salad with cashew cream, coconut pancakes with maple cream, and a vegan burger.

Old Bicycle Shop -

It was founded in the historic locaiton of what once was the oldest bicycle shop in England, but now is a rustic eatery serving many vegan breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. Cute outdoor eating area as well.


Thai Street Cafe -

A modern twist on classic Thai dishes - including vegan Thai cocnut soup, red pumpkin curry, and pinneapple fried rice (just ask for no egg!).

Thai Street Cafe
Photo originally posted by Trip Advisor here.

Golden Lion Pub -

A chain pub with Wetherspoons, providing a full vegan menu incuding curry, baked potatoes, salads, and chili.

Montaz, Contemporary Indian Dining -

Looking for a nice place for date night? Look no further! With modern finishings, this restaurant offers classic Indian dishes with a downtown London atmosphere, but just off High Street in Newmarket!

Pizza Express -

A chain pizza restaurant that is very vegan friendly. Vegan cheese for your pizza, vegan dough balls with dipping sauce (just request it with no butter!), polenta sticks, and even a vegan dessert of coconut ice cream!