11/11/17 - Fine Dining

On Saturday I went to Stem + Glory for lunch with some friends. They are so friendly there. They even allowed my friend to dine with her small dog sitting under our table. The restaurant is above a bicycle shop and is connected to a yoga studio. There is a door that leads right from the restaurant directly into the yoga studio. Their mission is to promote a healthy life style that includes good food and excercise. After lunch we took Lucy, the dog, for a walk through the park accross the road and walked along the River Cambs where the river boats take tourists on historical tours of Cambridge. A great time was had by all. Afterwards we went to the mall and looked for some home goods. My friend found some vegan sausages and chocolate bars at Holland & Barrett in the Grand Arcade. We did not leave empty handed or with empty stomaches.

Vegan Cheesecake

10/22/17 - Vegan Festival

The London VegFest was at the Olympia convention center last month. I went with some friends and explored all four levels of the fully vegan festival. We started with lunch and I got vegan pizza, falafel, smoothies, and chocolate. There were so many food booths! I also tried vegan cheeses, marshmellows, protein drinks, wine, and a potato salad. A woman in a unicorn costume sold us rainbow colored cupcakes, and a spa booth massaged my hands with a coffee grounds scrub. I spent most of my money on food and bath soaps. I also bought some presents for my sister, who is also vegan.

Vegan Unicorn

9/01/17 - Being Green

When we first arrived in England we were staying in a small hotel room until we could find a suitable house and move into it. I had to get very creative when it came to healthy vegan cooking. I made a lot of microwaved baked potatoes and salads those first several weeks. Because we were so new to the area I had no idea which restaurants had the best vegan options. So we started with the closest one to the hotel that was within walking distace (we did not even have a car yet!). We went to a Wetherspoons pub and to my great surprise they had a certified vegan dish on the menu that consisted of sweet potato, chickpea, and spinach curry with a serving of pilau rice, naan, and popadoms! It was like eating manna from heaven at that point, I had such low expectations and I was so hungry! We went back several times and I never got tired of the curry. We have since ventured out to other local restaurants and have found it is quite easy being vegan in England!

Vegan Yoda
Photo from Shirt-Woot.