Hello! My name is Savannah Hodges and I started an Instagram page about a year and a half ago to track all the amazing vegan food, restaurants, and products that I was finding. I dubbed it "My Vegan Odyssey." I liked the description "odyssey" because it references the Greek Classic which tells a story of these big challenges in life that must be overcome to reach a goal or reward. Sometimes becoming or even remaining healthy can be a major challenge. Finding vegan food and products can sometimes be like a personal odyssey, and like Odysseus experienced, the rewards at the end of the journey are totally worth it! I also started a vegan beauty product Instagram, which can be found here: @My_Vegan_Oddities

I have accumulated so much info about the vegan lifestyle and I wanted to create this website to share it with the rest of you! I have gone to many restaurants, grocery stores, and vegan festivals to bring you some of my favorite places to eat. I also have searched far and wide on the internet to find interesting vegan news and recipes.

My Vegan Odyssey